TikTok Threatens Legal Action Against US Ban

China's leading video-sharing application, TikTok, has threatened legal action after US President Donald Trump issued a ban.

It may be recalled that on August 6, Donald Trump issued a separate executive order regarding future sanctions on TikTok and the same day on VChat.

According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Tik Tok expressed surprise at the order of US President Donald Trump to ban the app.

Tik Tok said he would use all resources to uphold the rule of law.

China's Tight Talk, a Chinese bite-dance company, said it had tried to engage with the US government in "good faith".

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The TikTok company said the US administration did not pay attention to the facts and instead agreed to the terms of the agreement without standard legal procedures and tried to involve itself in private business negotiations.

At the same time, TikTok said the new order threatens to erode the confidence of global businesses in the United States' commitment to the rule of law and sets a dangerous precedent for freedom of expression and open markets. Has been established.

We will use all available resources to ensure that our company and our customers are treated fairly by US courts, if not the administration, 

he said.

On the other hand, VChat app company Tencent said that we are reviewing the order to better understand it.

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The presidential decree on tik-tok issued by the US president said that if Chinese applications were not sold to any US company in the next 45 days, they would be banned in the US.

The order gave Chinese applications a September 15, 2020 deadline, after which both apps would be shut down in the United States if they failed to reach an agreement with any US company.

According to the order, TikTok and VChat will be able to resume their normal activities for the next 45 days, but if they do not reach an agreement after September 15, they will be shut down.

It may be recalled that Donald Trump had hinted at banning Tik Tok last week, after which the American technology company Microsoft had expressed interest in buying a Chinese app.

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Bill Gates' company, Microsoft, said last week that it was in talks with the US president and the Chinese company, which owns TikTok, to buy TikTok and expected the matter to be resolved by September 15.

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It should be noted that at present Tik Tok is being run by a Chinese company all over the world and the United States has the same concerns that important information of Americans is being provided to the Chinese government through Tik Tok.

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The US president and other government officials have said in the past that the Chinese government and military are obtaining US data through tik-tok, but the Chinese government and tik-tok have denied such allegations.

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It is expected that a purchase agreement will be reached between Microsoft and Tik Tok and the video sharing app will be monitored in the United States from other countries in the region.

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