Virtual Reality Lens || Enjoy Jogging With Amazing Technology

People in Europe and the United States are keen on walking and jogging. If you exercise with a partner or friend, on the one hand, it increases the interest in jogging and creates the motivation to exercise. 

But now you don't have to call a friend over and over again, just put on a pair of glasses and your accompanying friend will appear on the field. The advantage of this invention is that man does not get tired while running and the runner keeps increasing his ability.

The lens and system has been dubbed the 'Ghost Spacer', which is currently undergoing crowdfunding. 

This unique idea has been presented by the young American Abdul Rehman Bhatti. This particular lens has been dubbed 'Mixed Reality'. So far, people have donated a total of $65,000. It should be noted that its inventor Abdul Rehman is an engineer in Princeton.

You can also set the speed, direction and other data of the holographic avatar running with you. This has a psychological effect on you to improve yourself. For Ghost Pacer, you can choose your friend anywhere and anytime and start jogging with him immediately.

By far it is the lightest virtual reality lens in the world. Running into it, your virtual friend helps you meet your weekly and monthly goals. It also includes an unusual database called Strava. Strava has a database of jogging tracks around the world, and you can add details about your area through the app.

Run with your true friend

The software estimates the way you run and you can share it. Based on this you can create a virtual character with the exact style of running your friend. Even if your friend has run in the morning and you are running in the evening, you can get the details.

The app allows you to monitor the heart and pulse and note its fluctuations.

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