US President Orders Ban On Tik-Tok And V-Chat

US President Donald Trump has issued two separate orders banning the popular Chinese video-sharing application TikTok and the multipurpose messaging app VChat.

According to US broadcaster CNN, Donald Trump issued a separate executive order on August 6 regarding future sanctions on Tik Tok and the same day on VChat.

According to a presidential decree on tik-tok issued by the US president, if Chinese applications are not sold to any US company in the next 45 days, they will be banned in the US.

The order gives Chinese applications a deadline of September 15, 2020, after which both apps will be shut down in the United States if they fail to reach an agreement with any US company.

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According to the order, TikTok and VChat will be able to continue their normal activities for the next 45 days, but after September 15, if they do not reach an agreement, they will be shut down.

If there is no agreement between Tik Tok and VChat, only the US government will face sanctions.

The effects of Donald Trump's presidential decree on both Chinese apps will not affect any other country in the world.

Both orders have been issued by Donald Trump at a time when he has already signaled a crackdown on both apps.

Donald Trump hinted at banning Tik Tok last week, after which US technology company Microsoft expressed interest in buying the Chinese app.

Bill Gates' company, Microsoft, said last week that it was in talks with the US president and the Chinese company, which owns TickTock, to buy TickTalk and expected the matter to be resolved by September 15.

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If Microsoft buys Tik Tok, it will be able to run the Chinese company in other nearby countries in the region, including the United States, and Microsoft will also see all the data and information related to it.

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Tik Tok is currently being run by a Chinese company around the world, and the United States is concerned that important information from the Americans is being passed on to the Chinese government through Tik Tok.

The US president and other government officials have repeatedly said in the past that the Chinese government and military were obtaining US data through Tik Tok, but the Chinese government and Tik Tok have denied such allegations.

It is expected that a purchase agreement will be reached between Microsoft and Tik Tok and the video sharing app will be monitored in the United States from other countries in the region.

Similarly, it is thought that VChat will also be bought by Microsoft, it is quite possible that another company, including Apple, will also buy the app at a higher price.

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Like Microsoft, Apple has expressed interest in buying TikTok and VChat, but it is too early to say which US company the Chinese companies will deal with.

The US president did not indicate that Chinese apps would be allowed to run in the US in the absence of an agreement, so it is likely that Chinese companies will sign an agreement with one of the US companies in any case.

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