Concerns Over WhatsApp Privacy, Chief's Statement Came To Light

The head of WhatsApp clarified the doubts about the privacy policy of the popular social networking app WhatsApp. Chief Will Cathcart says the new policy will not affect users' privacy or their data.

In a detailed statement on the microblogging site, WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart said, "Because of end-to-end encryption, neither we nor Facebook can see your private messages or calls. We are determined to defend it.

"We have updated our policy for transparency," Will Cathcart said in a statement. It explains the People to Business Optional features better. We wrote it in October, which also included commerce in the WhatsApp.

"Not everyone knows how common WhatsApp messages are for businesses in many countries," he said. In fact, more than 170 million people message a single business account every day, and many want to do so. We compete with other companies in privacy, which is great for the world. People should have a choice of how they want to communicate and be confident that no one else can see their messages. Some people, including some governments, disagree.

It should be noted that notifications issued on the app regarding the new policy of WhatsApp have been received by users all over the world. Significant updates to the notification said that the company will have more control over user data and businesses will be able to store and manage WhatsApp chats using Facebook's services.

Facebook will be able to connect WhatsApp to its other services. WhatsApp recently sent a message to all users regarding the privacy policy with which users had to agree.

The company said users who do not agree to the new privacy policy will have their WhatsApp account blocked after February 9. Users have expressed serious concerns about WhatsApp's new privacy policy, as the company will now share all important user data with Facebook and other third parties.

WhatsApp uses this policy to ask the user to provide their chats, calls, Wi-Fi and other numbers connected to it, purchase and sale and other information to Facebook or any third party.

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