5 Websites To Download Books And Audiobooks For Free And Without Registration

Enjoying a good book is not synonymous with spending money , having to provide your data or giving up your privacy as payment. The Internet works like a large public library where it is possible to find hundreds of thousands of books in Spanish for free and completely legal.

Next, we show you five websites where you can download hundreds of thousands of books without having to pay and without having to fill out a registration form on their websites.

The pages that we show you below include, for the most part, free-to-use books. However, some offer titles that are copyrighted in force but are fully licensed for reproduction and download. Therefore, it would be 100% legal pages and not digital piracy .

In addition to the websites mentioned in this article, there are others (such as the network of public libraries in some autonomous communities such as the Basque Country, La Casa del Libro or Google Books) that offer the possibility of downloading and consulting complete books online. However, unlike those shown in this article, these sites require a prior registration process in which we will have to provide our data.

Depending on the format you have chosen to download, the books and audiobooks that you can read on your computer, on your mobile, on your tablet, on a Kindle or in an electronic book from another brand.


This page with 114,060 bibliographic documents in Spanish works as a large digital library for the preservation and dissemination of literature.

Wikisource is a project of the Wikipedia foundation and shares design and interface with the most famous encyclopedia on the Internet. Its page allows you to search for works by name, author, genre (stories, didactic works, essays, epic, poetry, theater ...), country or time.

It is a very intuitive page to use and the texts can be read online from the internet browser or downloaded in PDF, ePub or mobi format.


This page has 56,507 books , documents and audiobooks available for download in .doc, .pdf, .txt or html formats among others.

It has a search engine by authors, a specific section for audiobooks and offers the possibility of searching titles in different languages  (Catalan, Galician, Basque, English, French, German, Portuguese ...) and by country of origin of the authors.

The main counterpart of this page created by Gabriel Chova Blasco is that its design is a bit dated, reminiscent of the pages of the mid-2000s. However, Liberoteca delivers what it promises : thousands of hours of reading.


This page named in honor of the father of the printing press has an extensive repository of books and audiobooks of more than 50 languages.

It offers the books in .html format (to read them on the internet), in EPUB format with and without images and in Kindle format (with and without images), among others. In addition, it offers the possibility of sending the books in any of the formats to our Dropbox, our Google Drive or our One Cloud account.

However, the main drawback of Project Gutemberg is that finding the titles in its long list can be somewhat difficult. However, this can be solved with the command "Control + F" to narrow your search by words.


The Alba Learning page has a catalog of books, audiobooks and video books that you can consult online or download for free.

One of its most interesting points is that it has a selection of titles with parallel texts (Spanish-English) ideal for all those who want to practice or learn another language.

An interesting function since the web shows the audios together with the texts in both languages   so that users can also learn the pronunciation of the words.

The main problem with this page is that it has a smaller catalog than its predecessors, but its titles are in different formats to be enjoyed from different media.


It is a publishing house with its own social network elements in Spanish that specializes in publishing electronic books.

Founded by Andrés Alonso Weber and Olmo Cepero de la Plaza, Literanda offers a wide catalog of books to download (journalistic, Greek classics, drama poetry, black novel ...) in EPub, PDF and Mobi formats.

The page also offers the possibility for authors to send their works (contract by means of) and Literanda is in charge of their layout edition.

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