Learn How To Use WhatsApp On The Web Version Without A Smartphone

Is it not possible to use WhatsApp without a smartphone? So the fact is that it is possible now.

Yes, you can now use the WhatsApp or desktop version without a smartphone.

But there is a condition

You may be aware that using this service on multiple devices at the same time in the WhatsApp is now possible for multiple users with certain conditions.

By the way, this feature was introduced in beta version for limited users in July, but in September 2021, all users were given access to its beta version.

Now, WhatsApp has updated the beta version of this feature to allow you to use WhatsApp on any device without connecting to a smartphone.

This new feature in the app, owned by Meta (Facebook's old name), made it possible to stay in touch with your loved ones on a computer or web version without a smartphone, but only connect up to 4 devices at a time.

What will be the method?

For this you will need a smartphone at the beginning, ie open the WhatsApp on the phone and then go to the Linked Devices option by clicking on the three dot at the top.

If you have joined the beta version of Multi Devices then there you have to click on the Link A Device option and then you will be asked to scan the QR code on the web or desktop version.

If you are not part of the beta feature, join it first, ie go to the LinkedIn Devices option and click on Multi Device Beta and you will be shown how to join it in various instructions.

If you are satisfied with them, you can use the WhatsApp without connecting the phone to the devices through this feature by clicking on Join Beta below.

Then you have to scan the QR code on the web or desktop version and once again on 4 devices, even if you turn off your mobile, it will be possible to use the WhatsApp on those devices.

In this case, each device will have its own unique ID and all of them will be linked to your server account.

Some items will not be available

There may be some issues with this new update, meaning users on the Link device will not be able to delete WhatsApp chats, and the new multi-device meta version will not be used on tablets or iPads.

Connected devices will not have access to the live location, and this feature will allow you to create or watch the broadcast.

These LinkedIn devices will work for 14 days without a smartphone, after which the phone will need to be connected to them.

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