TIKTOK Banned in USA

US President Donald Trump has announced a ban on China's social media app TikTok, because US officials have expressed concern that the service might be a weapon for Chinese intelligence agencies.

U.S. officials and lawmakers have expressed concern that the favored video platform has been employed by China for nefarious purposes in recent weeks, but the corporate has denied any involvement with the Chinese government.

There were rumors circulating within the media that the app, owned by the Chinese company Byte Dance, might be wont to collect personal information of USA citizens, but the president announced a ban.

He added that the emergency would take action soon on Saturday using economic power or executive order.

Trump's move follows a review by the Committee on Foreign Investment within the us (CFIUS), which examines elements that affect US national security.

Users create and watch short videos, a well-liked app especially among children and consistent with one source, it's quite one billion users worldwide.

When asked by AFP about the sheriff's sale , he declined to comment, saying only that we are confident of the long-term success of the tik-tok.

The company has promised high-level transparency in the week, including a review of its algorithms to make sure transparency to consumers and regulators.

The company added during a statement that 

Tik Tok has become the newest target but we aren't the enemy.

The app became popular within the US when Byte Dennis acquired the US-based app Musical-Lee in 2017 and integrated it into its video service.

James Lewis, head of the technology policy program at the middle for Strategic and International Studies, said he believes the safety risk of using tik-tok is on the brink of zero, but that byte dance is struggling from China over censorship.

Lewis said it's like Byte Dennis could also be struggling from China, so it is sensible to deprive him of power, he could start censoring things.

Lewis said that under CFIUS, U.S. authorities have the authority to open pre-approved acquisitions which similar action was crazy the dating app Grinder in 2019 when it had been purchased by a Chinese company. Had taken

The Indian government justified the ban on these apps by justifying security risks and protecting user data.

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