Microsoft Ready to Buy TikTok

The popular social media app TikTok has been banned in the United States, after which the well-known company Microsoft has expressed interest in buying it

With regard to TikTok, US President Donald Trump had expressed fears that the app could pose a threat to the data collection and national security of US citizens.

Byte Dance, the company that owns the app, has failed to address the US government's concerns, so an alternative solution has emerged, namely Microsoft could buy it.

Microsoft has confirmed that CEO Satya Nadella is in talks with the US President and Bite Dance.

According to the company, Microsoft is committed to a full security review of the purchase of TikTok and seeks to provide appropriate economic benefits to the United States.

Negotiations with Bite Dance will be completed by September 15, 2020, and if successful, Microsoft will purchase the app's operations in certain markets, including the United States.

Microsoft will be responsible for running the service in the United States, as well as in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, while Byte Dance will run the app's operations in other markets.

Microsoft will ensure that the private data of US citizens is transferred to the United States, and local governments will be offered a security review.

The US branch of TikTok is valued at between 15 billion to 30 billion dollars.

The Indian government justified the ban on these apps by justifying security risks and protecting user data.

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