Amazon | Employees were mistakenly emailed to remove the TikTok app

A day after Amazon instructed its employees to remove the TikTok app from their mobile phones, it explained that the email was sent by mistake

According to the report of Al Jazeera, the world famous online company had explained in its statement late last night regarding the instructions given to the employees.

It may be recalled that Amazon had asked its employees yesterday to remove the video sharing app 'Tik Tok' from their mobile devices due to 'security concerns' from which they use the company's email account.

Employees were told they could use the app on Amazon's laptop browsers.

Amazon retracted the statement, saying: 

"The e-mail to some of our employees was a mistake. Our policy regarding tik-tok has not changed at this time."

The e-mail sent by the company to the employees reached the media and it was stated on the social media that the employees were instructed that due to security concerns, the TikTok app will not be allowed to be used on the mobile devices from which Amazon 'S email account is used.

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Employees were told that if they wanted to use Amazon Email on their mobile phones, they would have to remove the TikTok app from the device by July 10, but would be allowed to use the app on laptop browsers.
"Amazon's concerns are beyond comprehension and we have not received any messages before sending e-mails to employees," 
TikTok said in a statement following Amazon's instructions to its employees.
"We still don't understand their concerns, we welcome negotiations so that if they have a problem they can be resolved and the Amazon team can continue to participate in our community," 
TikTok said.

It should be noted that Tik Tok is owned by the Chinese company Byte Dennis Limited and is popular among the youth all over the world.

Tik Tok has consistently stated that it poses no threat to national security and has made greater efforts to distance itself from China.

The company recently appointed Kevin Meyer as its new CEO and suspended operations in Hong Kong following the enactment of China's new security law.

Following the Facebook, Google and Twitter also stopped giving user data to Hong Kong authorities.

Earlier this week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview with Fox News that the United States was considering banning Tik Tok and other Chinese apps.

He warned that if users downloaded Tik Tok, their personal information could 
"fall into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party."

The US National Security Agency is reviewing the Chinese company, while US troops have been banned from using tik-tok on government mobile phones.

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