After Microsoft and Apple, Twitter is also interested in buying TikTok

The social networking site Twitter has expressed interest in buying the US operations of the app TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese company Byte Dance.

It is believed that Microsoft is in talks with Bite Dance and the US administration to buy TikTok and wants to complete the process within the 45-day period given by President Donald Trump.

According to an executive order issued by the US President, if US operations of TikTok are not sold to any US company by September 15, it will be banned across the United States.

Now, according to a new report, the conversation between Twitter and Tik Tok in this regard is in the initial stage and currently Microsoft is looking ahead in this matter.

Interestingly, the market value of Twitter is close to 30 billion dollars, almost the same as the US operations of TikTok, and according to sources, Twitter will have to increase its value in order to make this deal.

Other sources make it clear that Silver Lake, a Twitter shareholder, is interested in helping to raise funds for this potential month.

No statement was issued on the report by the management of Tik Tok, Bite Dance and Twitter.

On August 6, Donald Trump issued a separate executive order regarding future sanctions on Tik Tok and the same day on VChat, against which Tik Tok warned of legal action.

The presidential decree on tik-tok issued by the US president said that if Chinese applications were not sold to any US company in the next 45 days, they would be banned in the US.

The order gave Chinese applications a deadline of September 15, 2020, after which both apps would be shut down in the United States if they failed to reach an agreement with any US company.

According to the order, TikTok and VChat will be able to continue their normal activities for the next 45 days, but after September 15, if they do not reach an agreement, they will be shut down.

It may be recalled that Donald Trump had hinted at banning Tik Tok last week, after which the American technology company Microsoft had expressed interest in buying a Chinese app.

A later report claimed that Apple was one of several companies interested in buying a popular social media app, such as TikTok.

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