Killer Robots And AI Technology Can Destroy Humanity

Countries around the world should ban the development of fully automatic weapons in order to prevent the creation of killer robots.

This demand has been made by Human Rights Watch in a report.

The report called the ability to select and hit targets without human control unacceptable.

Human Rights Watch said 30 countries had expressed interest in introducing an international agreement aimed at maintaining human control over the use of force.

The report analyzes publicly debated policies regarding killer robots in 97 countries since 2013.

The report stressed the need for immediate international action on the issue of artificial intelligence, such as technology.

The report's authors say that the loss of human control over the use of force is considered a serious threat to humanity and that urgent action should be taken, such as climate change.

He said that the international treaty to ban it is the only effective way to deal with the serious challenges of full automatic weapons, all countries should immediately respond to the start of negotiations for this agreement.

The report indicates that the campaign is being supported by a number of international organizations and countries, but that some military powers, including the United States and Russia, are rejecting the recommendations.

According to the report, diplomacy has been delayed as a result of the epidemic, but there is a need for preparedness and immediate response to the threat to humanity, such as killer robots.

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