A Woman Monitoring Her Husband via WhatsApp

A woman in Saudi Arabia used a unique method to demand divorce from her husband. She copied her husband's WhatsApp account and monitored it for 9 months and then filed for divorce

Giving details, Okaz newspaper said that the wife suspected that her husband was deviating from her. To dispel the suspicion, keep reviewing all their WhatsApp messages for 9 consecutive months and then request separation and dismissal. The husband has offered to reconcile to avoid a dispute.

Khalid Abu Rashid, a Saudi legal expert, copied the WhatsApp and commented on the legality of monitoring it, saying that what the woman did was a crime in the eyes of the law. Information is a crime punishable by one year imprisonment and a fine of up to 500,000 riyals.

Abu Rashid said that no husband or wife or father or brother is allowed to hack anyone's mobile phone. Doing so is a legal offense. Family ties are not taken into account. No one in the family is allowed to hack anyone's mobile phone or get the information mentioned in it.

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