The US President has extended the period for selling Tik Tok

President Donald Trump has extended the sale period of the US branch of App TikTok, owned by Chinese company Byte Dance, from 45 days to 90 days.

On Friday night, Donald Trump issued an order directing Byte Dance to sell its business in the United States to a US company within the next 90 days, citing national security concerns.

The order also called for Byte Dance to return to the process of purchasing the musical in 2017, which was tweaked.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Manchin said in a statement that 

the order calls on Byte Dance to return the assets and property rights that have been invested in the United States, as well as those that support tik-tok operations.

Withdraw data collected from US users of Tik Tok or Musically.

It should be noted that Microsoft is in talks with Bite Dance and the US administration to buy the US business of Tik Tok.

Earlier, the US president issued an order banning bite dance and v-chat in the US, giving them a September 15 deadline to sell apps.

He stressed that any purchase would directly benefit the US Treasury.

According to a CNBC report, the new order is good news for Tik Tok as it will have more time to sell its US branch.

Earlier, it was feared that if no agreement was reached by September 15, the app store or Google Play Store operating in the United States would be forced to ban Tik Tok.

A Tik Tok spokesman quoted the company's old statement on the new development as saying, 

We are committed to providing a meaningful customer experience in the years to come.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the new US order.

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