Apple Would Say Goodbye To The iPhone 14

During the past month of September Apple officially unveiled the new iPhone 13 to the world, thus obtaining four new devices and repeating the strategy that the company launched with its predecessors. However, everything indicates that this would be the last time we would see a Mini version in the catalog. And is that according to a new rumor, Apple would say goodbye to the iPhone 14 Mini to replace it with an iPhone 14 Max.

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The sales of the iPhone 12 Pro Max would have fostered this new strategy that Apple would take for its next devices. And in this way, instead of being able to choose between an iPhone 14 Mini or a standard iPhone 14, the company could in the future give us a choice between an iPhone 14 or a 14 Max.

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Sales of the Mini version indicate that users are not as interested in a version with a reduced panel. Thus, the iPhone 14 Max would hit stores with a 6.7-inch panel. Logically, there is still a long way to go to know if this ends up being a reality. From Front Page Tech they comment on this new possibility in the video that we leave you under these lines.

Everything indicates that Apple would reserve its terminals of less than 6 inches to the SE range, which had a great reception last year. However, we will have to wait for the apple company to shed some light on it.

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