Add new features to Facebook Messenger

Facebook has now some new privacy features for its messenger platform.

The purpose of those features is to offer users more control over chats and other people interaction.

The first feature is that the app lock, which allows the user to unlock Messenger with the device's privacy settings like fingerprint or face recognition .

The purpose of this feature is to guard the user's account when access to their chats isn't possible when someone uses their phone.

This feature is currently available in iOS and can be introduced for Android devices within the next few weeks or months.

In addition, Facebook is introducing a replacement section on privacy settings where users are going to be ready to easily access the app, block people and more.

The social network is additionally performing on new controls for users in order that they will choose for themselves which individuals are going to be ready to message or call them directly, while the requests of which individuals will attend the message requests folder and whose messages or Call they do not want to ascertain.

Facebook is additionally testing another feature which will blur images within the Message Request folder so users do not have to seem at pictures of individuals they do not know, are blocked from or have reported to their account.

Consumer data scandals are frequent, like the Cambridge Analytica scandal, during which the third-party app had access to the private details of quite 85 million users.

Similarly, last year, Facebook discovered that many Instagram passwords were stored in plain text, while the corporate also admitted to collecting email contacts from 1.5 million users without their permission.

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