Facebook Describes Children As An "Unexploited" Mine In Its Internal Reports

Shortly after Facebook came out, rather late, to deny the reports published by The Wall Street Journal in which they indicate that the company itself knew how bad Instagram was for young people; the social network is once again involved in another controversy.

As a slap on the wrist, the newspaper has published another investigation in which Facebook is once again exposed: its executives describe neither short nor lazy children between 10 and 12 years old as a mine of "untapped wealth", because it is an audience that they do not reach.

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In this way, it is shown that Facebook's plans with its Instagram for children were not even remotely the only ones they had when it came to reaching this audience that, for the moment, is more or less protected from social networks by its youth.

One of the cited documents, dated March 2021, points out that Facebook is having trouble reaching pre-teen audiences around the world and warns that teen audience acquisition is slowing down. Internally, Facebook anticipates that its audience in this stretch will shrink an additional 45% by 2023.

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Internal Facebook reports shed light on very interesting information, such as that they consider that children start using the Internet "as early as six years", which is why they imagine " a Facebook designed for youth ."

Facebook is in a tremendously delicate situation in terms of its public image, as the continuous torrent of scandals does not stop growing and, although its user base is still immense and its applications ( Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp ) have a global success; All these investigations make the authorities look closely at their activity and give wings to ideas such as the separation of the company into different entities.

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The controversy last week around the damage that Instagram produces in younger women has led to the closure of a project for younger children on Instagram due to complaints and calls from many representatives and legislators of the Democratic Party in the United States.

Facebook is losing ground among young audiences and it does not seem that it is going to regain it due not only to the push of TikTok, but also to the controversies that enrage its users.

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