More 47 Chinese Apps banned in India

The Indian government banned 47 more Chinese applications last month after shutting down 59.

However, this point India has banned 47 more applications, which are said to be clone applications of the previous ones.

NDTV India news agency's report be the announcement of the list of latest applications has yet to face a ban.

However, the report said that the announcement has yet to be formally announced.

Citing an India Today TV report, the official said the govt had prepared an inventory of 250 more applications that were being examined for violations of consumer privacy or national security.

It is said that the world's leading game PUBG is additionally among the applications facing this new ban.

It is to be noted that India decided to shut Chinese applications after the recent tension between China and India in Ladakh and this is often being termed because the biggest move ever taken against Chinese technology companies.

According to the Indian Express, the Indian government had announced its decision to shut the applications, Threats to national sovereignty and security also arose, with the Ministry of data Technology receiving numerous complaints from various sources, including numerous reports, including misuse of varied mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms. , Who were stealing users' data and illegally transferring it to servers outside India.

The Indian Cyber Crime Coordinating Center under the Indian Ministry of External Affairs had sent recommendations to the Ministry of IT to dam these apps.

Several representatives of the ministry have expressed concern that allowing certain apps to still operate could jeopardize the safety and privacy of citizens' data,

the statement said.

Between 2015 and 2019, Chinese companies, including Alibaba et al. , invested quite 5.5 billion in Indian technology companies.

It should be noted that 20 Indian soldiers were killed during a clash between Indian and Chinese troops on June 15.

Pictures released by US space technology company Maxar Technologies show Chinese installations along the Gloucester Valley.

Nathan Rosser, a satellite data expert at the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy, said the development showed there was no prospect of a discount in tensions.

It begins at the confluence of the Gulwan and Shiwak rivers, and is found east of the confluence of those rivers within the valley, which the 2 sides formally recognize because the Line of Actual Control.

Twenty Indian soldiers were killed during a clash between Chinese and Indian forces, the deadliest clash between the 2 countries' forces in 45 years.

According to experts, the probabilities of an immediate war between the 2 countries are very low, but it's going to take a while for tensions to ease.

China claims that its 90,000 square kilometers area is found in India, in response to which India claims that its 38,000 square kilometers area is found within the mountainous region of Aksai Chin within China's borders.

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