Google announces free features for users

Photos courtesy of Google

Google recently made its video conferencing service, Mate, free for all Gmail users, and now the company has made another announcement.

Google announced Wednesday that for the first time, it will provide free access to the web as well as Android and iOS users with some features of Google One Cloud Storage.

This feature can also be used by people who do not have a Google One account.

The service will allow users of both mobile operating systems to automatically store their phone data in the cloud, while a new storage manager tool will also be introduced for all mobile users, including the web.

Automatic phone backup was introduced by Google last year, allowing users to save text, photos and videos to the cloud service with the click of a button through the new Google One app.
Photos courtesy of Google

In this feature, 15 GB of storage is available to the users through Google accounts, so all the details are stored in the cloud service even if the phone is damaged or lost.

Simply put, Google is offering users 15 GB of storage for free under this service.

Another free feature from Google will be a new storage manager tool that will allow users to view and clean files in Gmail, Drive and Photos.

According to Google, this feature will help users maintain storage limits, meaning that storage can be saved by deleting unnecessary files, while users will also be able to purchase additional storage.

This feature is being introduced for Android users through the Google Play Store from Wednesday, while the iOS app will be available in the near future.

Google One was introduced by the company in 2018 and through it it offers 100 GB for $1.99 and 30 TB storage for $150.

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