It Is Now Possible To Draw The Circuit Directly On The Human Skin

It is now much easier to draw an circuit directly on human skin
Xinjiang Yu and Bill D. Cook, vice-professors of engineering at the university, worked on a fresh kind of electronics that might be called "writing on the skin." With the help of special ink, differing kinds of sensors and circuits are often drawn on human skin.

The report, published in Nature Communications, says wearable technology is undergoing a fresh revolution.
This method will help within the treatment of patients by accurately collecting pulse , tract , body temperature and other important information.

The electrical impressions made on the body won't affect the patient's mobility and may also reduce the likelihood of incorrect data from them. The important thing is that this process is very simple and easy for anyone to undertake to.

"It's a touch like writing something on paper. we'll make many circuits with special pens and inks. The ink dries instantly and thus the circuit is complete. during this manner soft, flexible and lightweight devices are often made directly on the skin.

According to experts, this invention are often utilized in battlefields, accidents and other emergencies, which can be a whole assessment of the inside situation of the body. during this manner the center rate, muscle, temperature, skin moisture and thus the speed of self-injury are often monitored.

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