VIDEO GAME: The Latest Update To The Sims 4 Incorporates Incest By Mistake

EA's life simulator has also caused characters to age faster.

A few days ago, Sims 4 received a free update that would allow the existence of asexual characters and the addition of new quirks and fears. But this novelty has caused the characters to behave quite strangely . Now in this video game there is incest and premature aging due to a bug generated by the update.

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The whims system states that a sim will generate various thoughts of unnecessary things that they want to do, be it listening to music, talking to someone, even starting a romantic relationship. As they are fulfilled, points are generated that can be exchanged for certain long-term benefits.

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The problem is that players have been reporting that their characters now have romantic and sexual whims towards members of their families. For example, an elderly sim has the whim of asking her own son to be boyfriends.

A very fast aging issue is also mentioned in this message. A player has pointed out how his entire family ended up having a birthday in just 12 minutes of play.

Other users have found that characters from very young babies turn into aged adults in less than five minutes.

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