TikTok launches a Dall-E 2 competitor with which to generate images from descriptions

The operation is similar to that of other pictorial engines based on machine learning techniques.

TikTok has just joined the race for artistic artificial intelligences. A new filter for videos posted on the famous social network, AI Greenscreen, allows users to enter descriptive text to generate a background image for their videos.

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The operation is similar to that of other pictorial engines based on machine learning techniques, such as OpenAI 's DALL -E 2 or Google 's Image. These services, which interpret the description entered in text form by the user and create an image from it, have become the new frontier of artificial intelligence. They are capable of creating very realistic images or images that mimic a specific artistic style.

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TikTok's new engine is somewhat more limited than its competitors because its only function is to create abstract-style or surreal-looking backgrounds for videos, rather than photorealistic images. The scenes created, moreover, cannot be downloaded, they can only be used as the background of the video that is recorded at that moment.

All the examples offered by the application as a starting point use descriptions in English, but the engine also understands descriptions in other languages.

While TikTok hasn't given details of what, if any, controls it uses in the filters, the abstract nature of the results prevents it from randomly generating a nude or violent image that clashes with community norms.

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