The First Glimpse Of Google's New Pixel 5 Smartphone


Photo courtesy of OnLeaks Twitter Account

Google introduced the Pixel 4A smartphone this month, but said it would have to wait a while for the new flagship Pixel phone.

The new Pixel 5 smartphone could be introduced in late September or early October, but its first glimpse came several weeks ago.

Photo courtesy of OnLeaks Twitter Account

The Twitter account on Lex has released renders of the Pixel 5 and it looks pretty much the same as the Pixel 4A.

These images indicate that the fingerprint sensor will be on the back while the dual camera setup will be given in a square box, with an unknown sensor.

The selfie camera in the front punch hole design will be at the top left of the display.

It is difficult to say whether the leaked photos are authentic or not, but this Twitter account is generally known for leaking accurate new smartphones.

Photo courtesy of OnLeaks Twitter Account

There have been conflicting reports regarding the phone's display, according to OnLeaks, which will be 5.7 or 5.8 inches, while Android Central said in a report that Google will equip the phone with an inch LED panel. In which 9 Hz refresh rate will be given.

According to other leaks regarding this phone, it will have Snapdragon 765G processor which will support 5G.

Surprisingly, the Pixel 5 was given a Snapdragon 855 processor, while the new phone is expected to be given a midrange processor.

The phone will also have 8 to 12 GB RAM, 15 watt wireless charging and 5 watt wireless charging support.

By the way, it is currently being leaked from various websites, but it is expected that Google may also 'accidentally' leak details about the new flagship device before introducing the phone.

This is often done by Google, which is known for leaking details of its phones prematurely.

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