How To Use WhatsApp In Windows Without Having A Connected Mobile

WhatsApp launches an application for Windows with which you can chat without depending on your mobile.

Last year, the world's most widely used messaging app released a beta version of a native app for Microsoft's Windows operating system. Little by little it was improving and including new functions until today, when Meta has officially announced it, a stable version available for all users.

This version will replace the previous one for all those who participated in the beta and can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Store. This native application, created from scratch and not based on WhatsApp Web, as was the beta, can be installed on any computer with Windows 8.1 or later. Simply download, install, and then the screen will ask you to scan a QR code from your mobile, just as was the case with WhatsApp Web.

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Now open WhatsApp from the mobile phone, press Menu (whose icon is three vertical dots) and select Linked devices. Press the Link a device button and when the camera is activated, point towards the QR code that you have on the computer screen and that's it. This application even allows you to make calls and even video calls (if the PC has a camera).


However, there is a functionality that stands out above the rest, the possibility of chatting and using WhatsApp without having to have the mobile phone nearby or even for it to be turned on. This is possible thanks to the fact that this native version works directly with the WhatsApp account, just as another messaging app, Telegram, had already been offering.

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This version is faster and more stable, has a more coherent and integrated design with that of the operating system itself and has the option. All thanks to the fact that Meta abandons Electron, the base used in previous versions, betting on a native app.


The design is similar to the web version, allowing functionalities such as reacting, editing images, deleting messages, even viewing statuses (one of the gaps that the previous version had), however, for now it does not allow creating statuses, something that will most likely change in the future.

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It also has some more limitations such as not being able to share location or being able to see the real-time location that a user has shared. In the case of using WhatsApp on an iPhone, the Windows application does not allow you to delete messages, probably due to some type of incompatibility or problem between systems.


Curiously, this native app has some advantages over even the mobile version. For example, by pressing the clip-shaped icon, where in the mobile version the options to share images, documents, contacts or location appeared; In WhatsApp for Windows, a new option appears, the Sticker option, which automatically turns any image into a sticker that will be added to the conversation. No need to use a third party app.

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It also allows you to preview the links that are sent, a function that was missing in the previous version and in WhatsApp Web. In addition, the synchronization of messages between the mobile version and the Windows version is fast and you don't lose any conversations along the way, something that had been suffered in previous versions and the Web version.

Similarly, when a message is sent, it automatically appears in the conversation, without lag, an advantage that the web version did not have. In fact, one of the complaints that users had is sending messages, waiting several seconds before closing the browser and seeing that these messages were neither sent nor are they anywhere. Another good news is that currently, Meta has the same plans for Apple's operating system, macOS, although it is still a beta.

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