Who Is Behind NSO Group, The Creator Of Pegasus?

Former Mossad agents, military... the brains behind the 'spyware'.

Accustomed to operating in the shadows,  NSO, the developer of  Pegasus, the spyware used only by governments and intelligence services, has stepped back into the spotlight.

The alleged hacking of the mobile phones of more than 60 politicians, lawyers and Catalan independence activists has called into question the ambitious message with which the Israeli cyber-intelligence company presents itself on its website: "We create technology to help government agencies to investigate crime and terrorism to save thousands of lives around the world.”

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We know about the company, however, that, among other things, it has been linked to the murder of Saudi dissident Jamal Kashoggi and that it has been reported by  WhatsApp  and  Facebook  under the United States Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, but who is behind NSO Group? Who created Pegasus?


Niv Carmi is a former Mossad agent, one of the Israeli counterterrorism and intelligence agencies. He was the last to join the trio whose initials gave the company its name (NSO) and was responsible for developing the technical part, that is, the one that made it possible for Pegasus to be increasingly effective when it came to hacking mobile phones, even reaching be able to  activate the device's microphone and camera  remotely. 

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His military contacts also helped the company to grow within the sector, but he ended up abandoning the project.


Shalev Hulio is 39 years old, the CEO of NSO Group and a former Commander of the Civil Defense command of the IDF, Israel Defense Forces, where he had a prominent role in containing the  Second Intifada.

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After completing his military service, Hulio studied law and founded a company called CommuniTake with his high school friend Omri Lavie, a project that aimed to improve the upgradeability of mobile phones. After its failure, and a short period of inactivity, he founded the NSO Group.


Driven by a passion for technology that he had shared  since high school  with his friend Shalev, Omri Lavie joined the founding of NSO after his first business venture failed in the  financial crisis  of 2008.

In the period between his company's closure and the start-up of NSO, Omri even went so far as to sell mobile phones in a shopping mall, but he never lost sight of his intention to start a business. Although he is no longer part of the day-to-day running of the company, he is still part of the shareholders' meeting.

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