Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Laptop Battery

Following a series of recommendations will help us reduce the wear of one of the most important components of our computers.

Time and use do not pass in vain for our laptop and the battery is almost always the first component that shows wear. Also, we don't always know how to take care of it. Is it good to keep it unloaded for long periods of time? Should we use the power cable whenever we can? To prolong its useful life and preserve the autonomy that gives meaning to the name of this device, it is advisable to follow some tips.


In modern laptops and with the new lithium batteries it is not necessary to do anything to stop charging when they reach 100%. Computers are already designed so that they can be kept plugged in once charged without the battery suffering, so we can use the equipment in this way without any problem. Charging will stop automatically and there will be no overheating.


Despite everything, the general recommendation is to prevent the battery charge from approaching the extremes, both at the maximum and at the minimum, but especially in the latter case. It will always be better not to go below 20%.

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In the event that we leave the laptop off for a long time, it is convenient to leave the percentage around 50%. In any case, it would be necessary to prevent the battery from going to zero.


As with our mobile phones, very high temperatures are the main enemy of batteries. Therefore, we must avoid exposing laptops to heat sources, such as a stove, if we are indoors, the sun, whether we are outdoors or if we leave our devices in the car.


Performance demands can also cause our equipment to overheat and, therefore, also the batteries. However, with proper configuration we can minimize this risk. For example, we can disable connections that we do not use , such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, modulate the brightness of the screen or close any program or application that is running in the background. Likewise, we must be careful not to use it in bed or in places that make ventilation difficult.

Operating systems and brands also offer different battery management alternatives that will allow us to get the most out of it and lower the demand levels to prolong its useful life.

It is also advisable to keep the operating system updated so that the performance of the equipment is optimal and to follow the rest of the manufacturer's recommendations.

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