Twitter Vibe: Twitter Start Working On Its Status And Named It 'Vibe'

Like Instagram and WhatsApp, Twitter has now begun to weigh in on the status of its users, dubbed Vibe.

An app analyst and researcher Jane Wong first hinted at this and also tweeted it. Jane says that there will be an option in the Composer box above the Tweet Composer box. Here you will find 'Set a status' which can be set by touching the status.

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Jane said that some of these statuses are ridiculous, such as 'shopping deals' or 'traveling on the highway'. But no further details have been released.

Some commentators have called it like Facebook 'Feelings'. But maybe every tweet will be given the option to change the status. This way you will be able to make live tweets from a conference and thus clarify your position.

However, Twitter has not tweeted or made any statement in this regard. According to The Verge website, when he contacted the Twitter administration, no response was received. However, it is safe to say that the tutor may soon offer this to some users for testing.

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