This Is The Razer Blade 17: The Most Powerful Machine In The Smallest Format

The great factor for the future is going to be in mobility and the fact of being able to have an optimal transport laptop with a power equal to, or even greater than, desktop computers.

In these last two years, if something has stood out greatly, it is the adaptation of the student and employee to teleworking, with the need to obtain new technological equipment that meets their needs. Currently, the great factor for the future is going to be mobility and the fact of being able to have an optimal transport laptop with a power equal to, or even higher than, desktop computers, something that will be appreciated in the near future.

Today we have the experience with a Blade 17, the high-end laptop from Razer, the manufacturer that revolutionized the technological landscape more than a decade ago by creating the first laptops that satisfied the graphic needs of the most gamers, something that years ago could only be covered with traditional tabletop equipment.

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But laptops have evolved a lot since then and now a combination of power and versatility is sought that is capable of covering the comprehensive needs of the user, both for gaming and for telecommuting, whether standard or for the creation of multimedia content that requires great power and graphics performance, and this is where this laptop shines.


Inside its aluminum chassis with an anodized black finish, this Blade 17 has the latest processors, with a latest generation Intel Core i9, equipped with 15 cores and 20 threads, capable of reaching the frequency of 5 GHz in its boost mode and a 24 Mb cache. 

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Processing that is accompanied by high graphics power with the highest laptop graphics on the market: NVIDIA GeForce 3080 Ti, equipped with 16Gb of GDDR6 VRAM. Topping off the configuration, it has a total of 32 Gb of DDR5 RAM (4800 MHz) and a 1 Tb capacity NVME PCIE4 SSD, which is cooled by a finned vapor chamber system, fans and a greater liquid capacity, in addition to nanoparticle thermal blockers.

But in laptops not everything is power, it is also decisive to see clearly and with a rich color palette what is shown on a screen. To do this, it presents a panel that has 100% coverage of the Adobe RGB spectrum and 100% of the DCI-P3 spectrum, with a UHD option at 144 Hz, which not only offers spectacular performance at the gaming level but is also exceptional. for editing tasks.

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This set is finished off with a variety of adapters and connectivity solutions, a Webcam with FullHD resolution, and a complete sound system with 8 speakers (4 Tweeters and 4 woofers) with THX Spatial Audio technology for powerful, yet clear and immersive sound. Any connection is possible with its 3.5mm combo audio jack, two Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C) ports, one USB-C port, and 3 USB-A ports, all compatible with USB 3.2 Gen 2; it makes sure to manage everything in the same system, be it peripherals, secondary monitors, even external SSDs.


Experience with this equipment indicates that the Razer Blade 17 has nothing to envy to desktop computers equipped with high-performance components. It's amazing how laptops have evolved to a point where you can get the same performance in a small space and so portable, whether you're taking it to college, or from the office to home. And on top of that, this is done with a team that is discreet in sight, beyond its black aluminum chassis with the characteristic logo of the brand. 

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Where color can be enjoyed, but always under control and total customization, is on its keyboard with RGB lighting, which, as usual in the brand, is controlled through the Razer Synapse app, being able to manage a multitude of details, multicolor lighting effects or even create your own personal ones if we are handymen. Razer not only gives us productivity tools, but also to create our own style when using its laptops.

And although we talk about study and productivity, a team of these characteristics with a system of 8 speakers, located on the sides of the keyboard, equipped with THX Spatial Audio technology, does nothing more than expand its use towards the enjoyment of music, series and other multimedia that fills our moments of leisure and rest. All for our enjoyment not only visual, but also sound.


When we have a team of this caliber, there is a moment in which we go from talking about a laptop to an incredibly powerful workstation that can handle with visual prowess and more than enough power the most demanding video games, as well as office or multimedia creation tasks. more resources required.

The Razer Blade 17 stands out as both the dream device for creative professionals and those who want to take their work and presentations anywhere to showcase quality. Here we have a sober design, attractive in its proper measure and with a focus on the performance of its components, making it clear that gaming laptops continue to perform at the highest level for video games, but this power also has many more uses and benefits for the user worked.

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