Razer Iskur Fabric Review: The Ultimate Gamer Chair?

Razer Iskur is an all-terrain chair suitable for all kinds of purposes and needs. Its finishes, style and design are, frankly, perfect.

Razer is one of the brands leading innovation in the world of gaming. They cover practically any point of life for those who are passionate about video games: from peripherals to computers and, of course, gaming chairs. His first foray into the world of gaming chairs was incredible, with a Razer Iskur chair that we loved at our center.

Now it's time for a new version of the chair, the Razer Iskur Fabric, a version made of fabric instead of leather that will surely delight those who are not completely passionate about leather. Will this new Razer Iskur live up to the legacy of its older sister? We can tell you that yes, but keep reading to discover our impressions.


Material : metal chassis and gray fabric finishes.

Foam Type: High Density Foam

Armrests: 4D metallic and padded in polyurethane plastic.

Wheels : 60mm non-locking

Cushions : adjustable viscoelastic lumbar pillow

Maximum height and weight : 1.90m and 130kg.


The first thing we find when facing the assembly of the chair is a box of colossal dimensions . It is not an exaggeration, we are talking about a box that weighs about 40 kilograms. Contrary to being a disadvantage, what it shows is that we are dealing with a chair with very careful finishes and quality materials that add a remarkable size to the box.

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The packaging was very careful and opening it is quite a surprise, since the first thing you find is a letter addressed to you in which you are welcomed to a level of comfort typical of a throne. Beyond that, the assembly instructions come in the box in a few simple steps.

Absolutely nothing is required when mounting it. It comes with a key included that allows us to screw and assemble all the components of the chair. The contents of the box were divided into three parts: one dedicated to small parts (screws, the aforementioned key, trim...) another with the main parts (the chair and the structure of the chair itself) and the last part dedicated to the wheels and the lever for the ergonomic and reclining cushion.

The assembly is simple and it is well illustrated on a cardboard that accompanies the box as a very visual instruction manual. Although, obviously, the assembly can be carried out by one person, it is more comfortable for two people to assemble it due to the size of the chair itself. In any case, for less skilled hands the assembly does not take more than an hour. Perhaps the most complicated point is to place the backrest on the seat, everything else consists of fitting and screwing in a really simple and frankly intuitive way.


It's time for the litmus test: sit down and enjoy the chair. In this sense, it is very comfortable and has the advantage that practically all its parts can be adapted to your posture and comfort. From the armrests, which can be moved forward, backward and sideways, thus allowing an experience that perfectly adjusts to the opening range of your elbows and shoulders. In addition, as usual, its height can also be adjusted, which is known as a 4D armrest. Although, it is missing that perhaps the armrest was longer.

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The great advantage of this chair lies in its ergonomic reclining cushion. Which by the way, is also adaptable, thus allowing perfect lumbar rest, one of the most affected areas when we spend many hours in a chair due to the sedentary life in which we live.

The seat is very comfortable and has a shape that fits perfectly with the body and allows us to sit for many hours. Therefore, it is suitable for people with jobs that require these types of requirements. In fact, this is a very favorable point of this chair: it is suitable for all types of public. You are gamer? Great, it's perfect for you, but it also has everything a person needs to work or use it on a daily basis.

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In addition, its gray design is not particularly exaggerated, so its sobriety is perfect for all kinds of environments. The fabric finish, in my experience, is much better than the leather one. It allows you to sit for more hours and in summer it becomes much more breathable. In general, the experience of using this chair is outstanding, it has no buts, except perhaps its large size. Although this is not a real problem that you have to worry about.

The chair fulfills all the functions that you would expect from it. It is totally recommended and becomes an option to take into account if we want a high-quality, durable and reliable chair. It is really adaptable, we are facing an all-terrain chair since it is suitable for any area of ​​life, whether it is work, gaming or simply to have an office chair. In short, if you are looking for a chair for your desk, this may be the chair of the year.

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