Ray 7.7 The Electric Scooter From Ray Electric Motors

The 7.7 model introduces unprecedented advances in the world of electric motorcycles.

The RAY 7.7 is a multifaceted electric scooter designed to move around the city with agility and move outside it safely and confidently, which has been designed and manufactured 100% by the Ray Electric Motors team, in a project that aims to promote the sustainable mobility in cities around the world.

Due to its high performance in autonomy and speed, the Ray 7.7 is equivalent to 125cc, although the sensations are 300cc. It is suitable for driving with a B car license and reaches a top speed of 125 km/h, the highest in its segment. Thanks to the 7.7kWh battery, it offers a range of up to 150Km, in mixed urban and interurban driving.

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The Ray 7.7 is charged using a common plug or a type 2 (mennekes) and in less time than other electric scooters: in just 15 minutes, the user can charge up to 16 km with fast charging.

As for its equipment, the following stand out:

• Height-adjustable seat, for greater control and safety of the motorcycle.

• Automatic activation of the easel.

• Reverse function to facilitate manoeuvres.

• Bluetooth connection.

• Browser integrated in the display connected to the app.

• Charge and autonomy control through the app.

• Compartment for mobile phone charging by USB, closed with a key.

• Anti-theft alarm connected to the app, with notification of unauthorized movement.

• LED lighting in headlights and taillights, indicators and hazard lights.

• Full-face helmet compartment located under the seat.

In addition to reverse gear, it has three driving modes: City, Flow and Sport, with which it reaches its maximum speed.

• City : the most suitable for urban driving, and allows the user to travel around the city agilely, without having to continuously apply the brake.

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• Sport : designed to enjoy curves, roads and highways, the user will feel a driving experience similar to that of a 300cc motorcycle. It's the way with more acceleration and more fun.

• Flow : the most comfortable and efficient to travel long distances on highways and motorways.

The RAY 7.7 is a light, stable and easy to maneuver electric scooter designed to move around the city while taking care of the planet.

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