Axe Infinity: $600 Million Worth Of Cryptocurrency Stolen

By attacking an online game, hackers stole millions of dollars in digital money. It's one of the world's largest digital heists.

Hackers attacked the so-called bridge software of the online game Axie Infinity and stole cryptocurrencies with a current value of around 600 million dollars (540 million euros). Payment service Ronin said that hackers stole 173,600 units of Ethereum digital currency and $25.5 million worth of stablecoin in the attack a week ago. It's one of the biggest digital heists ever.

Cryptocurrency used in the game is exchanged for other digital currencies via the attacked bridge software. They are considered a potential risk in the industry because little is known about their safety precautions.

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The company Sky Mavis, which owns the game, now wants to ensure that no user funds are lost. We will use "all the resources at our disposal" to implement the "most sophisticated security measures and processes to prevent future attacks". It works with law enforcement, forensic scientists and investors "to ensure no user funds are lost".

The attack took place on March 23, but was only discovered a few days later. A user found that he could not download his Ethereum units from the bridge software and pointed this out to the operators. It became clear that the attackers must have managed to extract the digital currencies with hacked crypto keys. 

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In the meantime, the responsible authorities have been involved. The units of the cryptocurrencies are probably still in the hands of the hackers, which is why their movements should be observed.

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