Who Has Seen Your Profile Tik-Tok Will Tell You Soon

Tik ​​Tok, a fast-changing short video platform, has begun testing a new option that lets people view your profile and find out who has viewed your profile.

With the help of the app, you will know who has seen your details in the last 30 days, ie a record of up to one month can be viewed on it. This may be aimed at ensuring accurate consumer information and a transparent profile.

Kivo Adriano, a researcher on various apps, said that this will allow users to know who has seen their profile and when, while other details will also be known.

WhatsApp Chat History

On the other hand, it will enable people with similar interests to come closer to each other and establish mutual relations. It will also allow people to follow each other like Twitter.

However, Tik Tok closed this option a year ago because it was confusing some celebrities. The reason is that some people like to peek into other people's profiles and personal information on social media.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

Tik Tok has not yet provided any details on this option, but it may have the same effect as LinkedIn in which like-minded people create a circle and link and expand.

But according to analysts, this will not be of much use to Tik Tok. But maybe Tik Tok wants to offer this option to influencers and others who want to see the effect of their post.

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