Squid Game Minecraft 2022: A Cyberattack Leaves Andorran Streamers Out Of The $100,000 Final

Professional cybercriminals attack Andorra Telecom to block the participation of youtubers based in the Principality before the Squid Game Minecraft on Twitch. They also leave many residents outside the event without service.

It had all the incentives to become a historic evening and did not disappoint the most loyal fans of the video game industry within the eSports circuit. The final of the Squid Game Minecraft, inspired by the Netflix series The Squid Game, added 1.2 million followers on Monday in front of the screens.

A record audience that also made the game the best Twitch Rivals in history. However, the discordant note was the absence of streamers from Andorra due to a computer attack that left them without internet service since last Friday.nor access to the platform to the majority of creators residing in the Principality. All of them were eliminated this time from the final round that had a prize of 100,000 dollars.

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The cyberattack against the telephone company Andorra Telecom lasted for almost three days. The firm recovered its activity on Monday, but hours later it suffered a new denial of service (DDoS) attack. As confirmed by the internet provider company through Twitter, it left both fiber optic and 4G customers without access to the network.

Due to the attack, youtubers such as Auron Play, El Rubius, TheGrefg , TaeSchnee, Aroyitt, 8cho and TinenQa, among others, were unable to participate in the preliminary phase, although they later managed to connect to follow the result of the final battle live.

In fact, Andorra Telecom itself acknowledged that the multiple DDoS attacks against its networks this weekend were intended to affect the programming of youtubers residing in the Principality, although it also harmed the rest of the citizens.

For the time being, Andorra Telecom is working to mitigate these types of attacks. These are cybercriminals that send a high number of requests to the servers and manage to slow down or crash a service, in this case the internet connection.

THE $100,000 JACKPOT

Everyone wanted the appetizing $100,000 jackpot that finally, after hundreds of battles and betrayals, was left in the hands of the Murcian streamerOlliegamerZ after a life or death duel with 24 rival finalists. All of them coordinated by Elisawaves.

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In the Crystal Bridge event, a reference icon for the most faithful followers of the El Juego del Calamar series, it was a total scramble, reducing the group to only four finalists: Raptor, ElXokas, Luzu and OlliegamerZ. The alliances, then, came on stage, with the ElXokas-Luzu duet, but the die was cast. A lot of rivalry, wars without quarter that ended with a very final heads-up between Ollie and ElXokas.

The defeat of ElXobas also has its sweet side. On the way to the grand finale, he has proven to be a reference content creator, some compare his calling potential with those of Ibai Llanos or TheGrefg, strengthened by his more than 1.1 million viewers.

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