WhatsApp Chat History Is Possible To Transfer iPhone From Android To iPhone With One Click!

WhatsApp, a mobile messaging app, has tentatively introduced chat history from Android to the iOS operating system.

According to a report by WA Beta Info, WhatsApp has introduced this feature on a trial basis, under which WhatsApp users will be able to transfer chat history from Android phone to iPhone with one click.

WA Beta has also shared a photo of the chat transfer test, which shows that the new feature is asking questions to move the chat. This feature has been introduced for iOS beta users which will be available to all users after successful testing.

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Note that at present only iPhone to iPhone chat history transfer facility is available.

Earlier, WhatsApp provided this feature for users of Samsung, Google Pixel and Android operating systems, after which they can transfer WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to the said smartphones.

Note that in September last year, WhatsApp provided the facility for Android users to transfer chat history from iOS.

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