Tesla Will Further Increase The Prices Of Its Autopilot

The company has been raising the price of this service a lot in recent years.The autopilot has suffered severe setbacks in recent times.

Tesla's "fully autonomous driving" (FSD) feature has had a somewhat difficult history, to put it as savvy as possible. It has been implicated in multiple bugs, seemingly persistent software bugs, and scrutiny by a myriad of regulatory bodies. In addition, now its price is going to rise.

The increase represents an additional $2,000 that is added to a price increase of approximately $ 12,000 in recent months. It is also not the first time that FSD has become more expensive. 

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In 2020, Musk (again, on Twitter) announced a price increase of roughly another $2,000. This most recent rise, Musk clarified, will only apply in the US.

Whether that means there are plans for even bigger price hikes is anyone's guess, but all indications are that that might well happen.

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