Automatic Tractor Plowing Without farmer

John Deere, an American company, has introduced a tractor which can perform other farming related tasks with great skill apart from automatic plowing.

The tractor was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 in Las Vegas, USA from January 5 to 8. It is also the largest annual exhibition of the latest inventions in the world.

According to the details, this tractor has been named 'Deere 8R' which weighs 40,000 pounds (more than 18 tons).

It monitors the field with the help of six pairs of stereo cameras and plows on its desired path with the guidance of GPS.

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Its automated system is equipped with powerful microprocessors, sensors and a program with artificial intelligence that stays in constant touch with the farmer's smartphone via a mobile app.

All the farmer has to do is attach the plow to the tractor or any other related agricultural implement and indicate through the app the area where the tractor is to be used for plowing or any other work.

All the farmer has to do is instruct the tractor to start working from the app and then either spend time with family and friends or do something else.

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This tractor automatically handles all the work following these instructions while in addition to plowing it also collects crop and soil health in the field, soil moisture content and other important agricultural information.

There is no need for a farmer in this whole process, but if occasionally the tractor encounters an unforeseen situation which is not able to handle its software, then its system is immediately connected to the farmer through the app. Informs him so that he can help him to solve this problem or obstacle.

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Jamie Handman, chief technology officer at John Deere, says building an automated truck was more difficult than an automatic truck and a car because the tractor has to do more work than other vehicles that are connected to each other and have their own. Places are also very complex.

That is why they are calling Dare 8R a new revolution in agricultural technology. However, the price has not been announced yet.

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