James Webb Telescope Ready for Universal Conquest

Many experts around the world, including NASA, have breathed a sigh of relief as two important phases of the James Webb space telescope's cosmology have now been completed. 

First, the solar protective veil wrapped in the form of curtains was opened and then the central mirrors consisting of more than a dozen parts have been opened under the exact plan.

Then the world is waiting for its first picture. It should be noted that after opening the mirror, its area is 21 feet.

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According to experts, the JamesWeb Space Telescope opened its mirrors on January 8. NASA named it the key to the final unfolding phase.

NASA's telescope was so large that it could not be mounted on any rocket, so its various parts were folded so that it could shrink and fit into the payload of a rocket.

This stage was so difficult and sensitive that the slightest mistake could cost billions of dollars and decades of hard work. Estimate that there were 344 steps to open the entire telescope that had to be performed with complete accuracy.

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James Webb's binoculars have two types of mirrors. The first is the central mirror, which has a visual mirror and 18 octagonal shapes. 

Above the central mirror, the second secondary mirror is attached to the metal bars. The third and most important corner is the state-of-the-art scientific equipment and cameras.

It is now orbiting in an orbit called L2, about ten to eleven million kilometers from Earth. Its vast mirrors will be able to show us the earliest forms of the universe by looking at visible, infrared and other types of lights. It is expected that the first galaxies formed billions of years ago will reach our vision.

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