WhatsApp will Add A Third Blue Check To Avoid Cyber Risks

The instant messaging application will launch this measure to inform users of who is 'snapping' their conversations.

WhatsApp, the largest and most widely used instant messaging application worldwide, continues to work on updates to make the user experience more and more satisfactory.

The photos and videos configured to be seen only once and the WhatsApp Web Multi-device to be able to use the application from different devices at the same time have been the last two novelties that the large messaging company has added. Now, in order to increase security, it will incorporate a third check, or seen in blue, to the two already existing.

The Magic V

A single check means that the message has been sent, but not received by the receiver due to the fact that their mobile device may be switched off or out of range. Two gray checks mean that the receiver has received the message but has not read it yet. Finally, two blue tone checks indicate that the receiver has received and read the message. This last option can be deactivated so that other users do not know if you have read their messages or not.

In the not too distant future, when a user takes a screenshot in a group WhatsApp conversation , a third blue check will appear. 

Listening Before Sending 

The measure, as reported by Infobae, has the mission of avoiding cyber risks and making users aware of the privacy of the messages and information that a person decides to share through the application.

If the third blue check is implemented, a measure that has not yet been confirmed by WhatsApp, it is suspected that a message could appear on the device screen informing users not to provide any type of personal information or any bank information in order not to be a victim of fraud or extortion.

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