Twitter Has Introduced An Autocap Feature In The Video

Although this option is available on YouTube, Twitter has now added auto-captioning of videos to be added to the app. The need for this feature has been felt for some time.

According to Twitter, whether it is iOS or Android phone or desktop users, the caption will automatically open in the video included on all these platforms. It can now be turned on or off.

Interestingly, it can also be viewed in 37 major languages ​​of the world. But there is no translation facility. 

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But Twitter has said that translation and editing facilities are not available at this time because Twitter is testing this option day and night.

Twitter announced it in the second week of December and implemented it today. Last year, Twitter introduced an audio tweet option without a caption, which was criticized.

At that time people insisted on captions and now they have announced to add captions in the video as well.

Another benefit of this is that people will watch videos instead of relying on Twitter words, which will increase their access and time to Twitter.

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