Honor Presents The Magic V, Its First Folding Phone

The 'foldable' technology has more and more followers. It is not yet known when it will be released.

Honor has announced the launch of its first smart flip phone, the Magic V. The prestigious Chinese brand called it "the first folding flagship of Honor" and assured that it will be launched "soon", although the company did not provide an exact date.

Rumors have circulated about a possible Honor folding device, particularly after the company reserved the words "Magic Fold" and "Magic Wing" with the China Trademark Authority. The CEO of the company, George Zhao, has already shown interest in a foldable phone for the year 2019.

Tesla, the possibility of running the games

Absolutely nothing is known about the terminal, except for rumors that the Honor folding phone could use ultra-thin glass with an 8.03-inch folding screen and a 6.45-inch exterior screen.


If necessary, that means that it would be very similar to Samsung's Galaxy Fold 3 and not the Galaxy Flip 3. Since it is a flagship, it should have a relatively high-end processor for these terminals, which usually lack powerful hardware.

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