Will There Be War Between China And Taiwan In The Near Future?

The People's Republic of China carried out a series of aerial maneuvers near the island of Taiwan. This has set off the alarms, once again, about a possible Chinese intervention on the island with the intention of recovering it. Taiwan gained independence from mainland China after the Civil War that ended with the victory of Mao Zedong in 1949. Since then there has always been an interest in regaining this sovereignty from the hands of the heirs of nationalist China who fled here.

Will there be war between Taiwan and People's China? It is difficult to know. An armed conflict between the two countries would be unparalleled and long-lasting, as mainland China's potential far exceeds what Taiwan can deliver. The losses could in any case be high thanks to modern technology, but there would be no continued resistance over time. The red dragon would be unstoppable.

However, the problem for the Chinese popular regime is not Taiwan but the United States. The US authorities, who have had many bases in Southeast Asia since the time of Vietnam, will not let the island fall into the hands of China. Here is the problem and the greatest asset of Taiwan to feel safe. However, in the last year the island government has bought a whole series of state-of-the-art defense systems to defend against a future Chinese amphibious deployment.

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