Apple AR / VR: Rumored Apple Device Aims To Launch In 2022

For many years, we have been hearing rumors and more rumors about a device that Apple is working on and that is related to virtual and augmented reality, two worlds that have been at the bottom of the canyon for some years now. Those rumors have always spoken of an Apple AR / VR device that mixes both virtual and augmented reality, allowing a much greater immersion than what we know to date.

Recently, more interesting rumors have emerged about that device that speak of its possible launch date (via 9to5Apple). Specifically, it has been a well-known insider named Mark Gurman who in his own newsletter has spoken about it and assures that these Apple AR / VR will arrive in 2022. Unfortunately, he has not revealed many details or has specified a more exact date.

However, it has hinted that it will be a device of a quality well above average; declares that it will be not very cheaply priced, with advanced chips, displays, sensors and avatar-type functions. It is difficult to predict what its price will be, but it seems that it is clear that it will be out of the average of virtual and augmented reality devices that we have known in the most recent years.

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