Whats App Web | Introducing 3 New Features For The Web Version Of WhatsApp

If you use the web version of the WhatsApp, the good news is that the Facebook-owned company has introduced some new features to the platform.

The company has announced that users will now be able to edit and preview links to images in the web version of the WhatsApp.

In addition, a new sticker suggestion feature has been added to the web version.

In this feature, when users type a message, sticker suggestions will appear in front of them and they will be able to discover the correct sticker during their conversation.

Before that, users who used stickers had to go to different tabs to find the sticker of their choice and often it was not easy.

But this new update will solve this problem.

According to the company, this feature has been designed with privacy in mind to ensure that WhatsApp does not see your searches.

A media editor feature has also been added to the WhatsApp web version.

Until now, an image could only be edited in the mobile version of the app, but now the company has introduced this feature for the web version as well.

This means that any user will be able to send messages by editing images from a computer.

According to the company, the links preview is also being improved and now a complete preview of a link will appear in the web version, which will allow them to know more about the link's correctness.

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