Foldable Phone | Introducing Special Jeans For Samsung's Foldable Phone

Samsung is a well-known company for electronics products, but it has introduced a pair of jeans.

These jeans are designed by the company for its new foldable phone Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Samsung has partnered with Australia's leading jeans brand, Dr. Denim, to develop the jeans, dubbed Zee Philip Pocket Denim.

By the way, there is no technology or anything special in these jeans, but the pockets are so small that only the Galaxy Z Flip 3 can be kept in it.

Mentioning this in a statement issued by the company, he said that who needs big pockets which take up a lot of space, they are not stylish.

With that in mind, the jeans for the Galaxy Z Philip 3 have been redesigned, making big-pocket jeans pants a thing of the past.

The front and back pockets in the Zee Philip Denim are smaller, while the larger pockets are either removed or sewn together.

According to the company, the jeans are priced at USD 1,115 along with the Galaxy Z Philip 3 for free.

By the way, the price of Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the same, so it can be said that you will get a pair of jeans paint for free at the price of the phone.

And yes, these jeans will only be available in Australia and only 450 paints have been made.

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