The Flying Water Boat | "Persico F70 Hyperboat"

Three companies from different countries have jointly designed a state-of-the-art sailing boat that will be able to move at high speed, almost flying over the water.

Named the "Persico F70 Hyperboat", the boat will be 70 feet long and was designed by Persico Marine, Karkik Design Partners and Penn Farina Natika.

In addition to recreational purposes, it can also be used in sailing boat races. It has long sails that can be opened and closed if needed.

To make the boat as light and strong as possible, it is made full of a substance called carbon composite.

When the sails (foils) are opened, it will be in "full flight mode" on a wind speed of only 10 knots (18.5 km per hour).

It is not known what the speed of the boat will be at this stage, but the company press release states that in full flight mode, a very small part of this "hyperboat" must have been touching the water, meaning it was floating on water.

Its width is significantly less than its length, but still its interior is very spacious and comfortable where the crew can live comfortably.

The Persico F70 hyperboat will also be fitted with an electric engine, but will only be used when absolutely necessary.

It would be better to say that in this 21st century sailing boat, the beauty of design, the durability of the structure and the laws of hydrodynamics have been incorporated at the same time.

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