iOS 15.2 : Adding A New Feature To iPhones To Protect Children From Immoral Images

Apple has begun testing a feature to prevent child pornography on iPhones.

The new beta version of iOS 15.2 adds the Apple Communications Safety feature to the Messages app, according to MacReamers.

Users must enable this feature themselves to prevent children from accessing pornographic images and for this purpose the system will scan the sent and received images.

If an image system finds it immoral, it will blur the image and warn children not to look at the content.

The feature will be part of Apple's Family Sharing System, which aims to offer resources to help affected children.

Apple announced the introduction of this feature in August 2021, but now a major change has been made in the presented feature.

This feature will no longer send notifications to parents when a child decides to view an immoral image.

Children will now decide for themselves whether to choose to alert someone to an inappropriate image.

This feature will not affect the end-to-end encryption feature.

When the company announced the feature in August, it was part of a series of three features designed to protect children from sexual abuse.

But the company later put the features on hold, citing privacy concerns from various quarters.

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