YouTube Gets Rid Of The Dislike Counter And The Number Will No Longer Be Visible

The goal is to avoid the avalanches of dislikes that many videos receive. Video creators will still be able to see their content dislikes.

Many companies and content creators have suffered a barrage of uncontrolled hate in which the community wanted to participate to show their dissatisfaction with a certain video or content. YouTube wants to avoid that from now on and is going to do it with the permanent disabling (unless the platform takes a step back in the future) of the dislike counter.

This means that in all the videos you can see the number of likes it has but not the number of dislikes. Of course, you can continue clicking the dislike button and the creator of each video will be able to see the number of "I don't like" the video has to evaluate whether its content is good and / or adequate.

The objective of this is to avoid that there are so many avalanches of disproportionate dislikes in YouTube videos. They say from the platform that if you can't see the number, then it won't be worth hitting the dislike button. This has set off the controversy since many believe that it is a success and does not prevent people from showing their discontent, but many others believe that the community has the right to know how much certain videos have disliked.

For now, this is a system that should be implemented little by little in all regions of the world.

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