Whatsapp Novi | A New Service Is Likely To Be Added To The WhatsApp

Meta (Facebook's new name) recently introduced its digital vault Novi, a blockchain platform that will be a challenge for remittance companies.

It is currently a pilot project that allows Guatemala to send remittances from the United States using a digital currency pack of dollars.

Users can handle this digital currency in Vault and convert it into local currency.

Facebook plans to use the vault for its digital currency dime but will need the approval of US regulators.

But now there are reports that the company is planning to use the vault in its other services.

According to a report by WhatsApp update tracking site WABetaInfo, the popular messaging service is testing Novi Vault in the app, which allows users in the US to send or receive money directly without leaving the app.

The company has previously expressed interest in making the digital vault part of its proprietary apps and services, but this is the first time it is working on making it part of an app.

A screenshot was also shared in the report, which suggests that users in the WhatsApp can withdraw money from a bank account by adding their bank account or linking their card.

You will also be able to view your transactions and balances with the help of it.

But for now, only the code to make Vault part of the WhatsApp has come out and this service cannot be used by beta users as it is only for internal testing.

That is, it is not yet possible to say how long the feature will be available to consumers, even though the company will need approval from a number of organizations.

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