The Mockery Of Twitter To The Fall Of WhatsApp

Millions of people are in suspense after seeing how WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram have stopped working without prior notice. We do not know what is the error that has motivated this fall worldwide , affecting especially countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, France or the United States , but it must be something big so that a failure like this lasts for so many hours and those responsible do not allow nothing clear.

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But amid so much technological drama, the community managers of each social network have not hesitated to bring humor to the situation a bit, and Twitter, being aware that it is one of the few that works, has greeted this way: " hello, literally everyone. "WhatsApp has also been through this application and has responded: " hello!"

Such has been the success of this initiative that the original tweet accumulates 226,000 retweets in a few minutes , while that of WhatsApp reaches 28,000 in just half an hour. Some networks won't work, but your marketing staff is still on the go regardless.

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