News On Twitter || Tips, Bitcoin And More Control Over Your Followers

Twitter has shared its commitment with the content creators on its platform, to whom it will provide new tools such as the possibility of tipping through cryptocurrencies or accessing resources with which to monetize the audio programs in Spaces.

The company has already introduced in the United States the tips (tips ), a function with which followers can make a payment to their favorite creators through third-party services to support their work, and that will go global this Thursday for iOS (and soon for Android). As an extension of this tool, it has announced 'tips with crypto', which allows payments through bitcoin.

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Creator support tools also include Superfollows - monthly subscriptions - which are available in the United States and Canada for iOS devices, with the intention of reaching more countries soon; and the newsletter. They will also have at their disposal a new dashboard that unifies performance metrics in one place.

And given the rise of NFT (non-fungible token) works based on blockchain technology, the company is working on an authenticator, as they have shared from Twitter this Thursday in a meeting with the press.

Spaces, the Twitter function that allows you to organize and follow audio events, will also have news in the coming months, such as recordings so you can listen to talks or programs later, or improved ways to discover these spaces in the timeline or in places dedicated.

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The company has indicated that it continues with the expansion of paid Spaces, which allow its organizers to set prices and the size of the audience. It has also announced a series of resources (technical, marketing, financial) with which to help these users to monetize their programs.

On the other hand, that people can have a voice on the platform, so that they feel comfortable and safe, is another of the areas in which the company works, which maintains its defense of the importance of public conversation and the role that it has Twitter on it.

In this sense, control over the conversation becomes important. The company prepares functions that will allow you to delete followers without being notified of this action, or even leave a conversation where we have been mentioned. Twitter has also announced improvements to word filters, which allow you to set advanced controls in real time.

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Profile labels let you know what type of account it is and who is behind it. At the moment, the label for automated accounts exists on a trial basis, but the company is working on more (for businesses, brands or commemorative accounts).

It also prepares a prompt for when a user wants to join a conversation, letting you know in advance if the tone has been raised to discussion.

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