The Most Anticipated YouTube Novelty That You Can Only Use If You Pay The Premium

YouTube is testing the download of videos from its platform from the browser, with a function that will be temporarily available to users of the premium subscription service.

The premium users have the ability to try out some new features that are still in the experimental stage , along with features like no ads or downloading content to view offline.

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One of the functions that are currently being tested, and temporarily until October 19, is the downloading of videos from the browser, as reported on its website. Participants will find a download button while watching the video, an option that is also in the browser's three-dot menu.

This is a trial feature that is available on computers with the latest versions of Chrome, Opera, or Edge browsers . With it, as it already allows on mobile, you can save videos in your library to watch offline.

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The company also offers to test the 'picture in picture' mode on iOS , a feature that will be active for premium users until October 31, and with which they can view YouTube videos in a thumbnail while using other applications.

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